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Thank you for your interest in our preschool.   We are delighted to   be here to serve you.   Our primary purpose is to provide a safe, loving place for your child to learn and grow.   Jesus said in Matthew 18:5   "....and whoever welcomes a little child like this in MY name welcomes ME."    

It is our desire for your child to experience God's love when they enter our doors here at PHUMC Preschool and Friday Fun Day.   Our school provides a wonderful opportunity for your family.   Your child will be safe and happy while you get a few hours to do what you need to do.   We offer a creative developmental program with guidance and instruction from our teachers.   All children are involved in our Christian education program, which combines social interaction and free play with planned learning time.  

Outdoor play is planned daily so children can develop large motor skills, learn about outdoor environments and express themselves loudly and freely.   The children   learn though exploration of the world around them and enjoy new experiences each day.

We have four classrooms for a more individual learning environment for your child.   The two-year old class begins to concentrate on motor skills, eye/hand coordination and social contact with other children.   Our three-year old class begins to follow directions, develop fine motor skills, and begin making   creative projects.   Our two pre-kindergarten classes begin our readiness program for kindergarten.   This broad program consists of language, math, science, social studies, and physical activities, all presented in a fun way.     All of our   classes participate in a music program that is developmentally appropriate and thematic.  

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